Life With Diabetes

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes when I was four years old. I have had it for nearly 12 years. Admittedly, I hate having it. I do not feel like anyone understands it and that makes me feel different. Overall, my diabetes has never been under great control. Most of it has been my fault. However, I am trying to take care of myself, even though it is difficult. I have had three episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis, and have never had an A1C less than 8.
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This is just like me .. Im here if you need to talk

thanks a lot.

Actually, while an A1C of 8 is high, your story makes me feel better. I've been diabetic for seven years (was diagnosed with Type one when I was already an adult) and just hit an A1C of 8 after years of keeping it in the sevens. The doctors made it sound like an A1C of 8 was going to kill me. But, if you've had that number for 12 years I guess a few months before I get it back down isn't as terrible as it sounds! Stupid doctors.