My Type 1 Diabetes Is Controlling My Life.

I'm not in control, I was diagnosed years and years ago, and I was tightly controlled. In the past few years my A1C has shot up and I've lost weight, I feel like **** all the time, and I feel like I'm somewhat depressed.

On top of that I'm in college right now, trying to get a degree so I can find a good job to get good health care, but I'm not doing well in school which is stressing me out more, and I really have no one to help me. It just sucks.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I have had Type 1 for 24 years. Up until I was 16 it was reasonably well controlled, but it feels like my control has got worse year on year since then, probably due to gaining a social life. My A1C also rose, felt depressed, and I'm sure I get more tired than non-diabetics. I'm still battling on trying to get control and am seeing someone about my depression. I imagine balancing diabetes with the US college lifestyle is tough.

I just came back from my doctors appointment. My A1C dropped more than 1.0 and this is the first time it wasn't on the rise in years. I gained a few pounds too. I have a little hope, on top of that I am going to see someone about my depression and how to cope with it. Hope you find the control you want to have with your diabetes. We can get through it.