Diabetes Is A B*tch

This is the way Ketoacidosis usually goes for me: I'll think I have a severe cold or the flu. My head feels heavy, confused. I have the worst headache I've ever had. I'm vomiting. All I want to do is sleep, so I do. And I sleep and sleep and sleep, of course not bothering to wake myself up to test my blood sugar or take insulin. Then, when I do wake up I am sweaty but terribly cold. The headache feels like a brain anyeurism. I don't know where I am or who I am. I swallow as many heache pills as I can and struggle to hold them down. Then this little inner voice says "test your blood sugar." I eventually do, and find it's over 500. Hours later, after the headache and vomiting subsides I realize that the "I have a cold" feeling has gone, too. I guess I wasn't sick, just poisoned by my own glucose.
soulchocolate soulchocolate
Jan 11, 2013