Diabetes For 13 Long Years!!!!

If I'm honest even though I've had diabetes for 13 years, I feel like none of my family understands what I'm going through.
When I was little my Mum took care of everything and now all of the responsibility has been passed to me my blood sugar has just shot up. It is mostly my fault, as I don't give insulin sometimes but I hate giving it when I'm with friends!!!
I have never talked to someone with diabetes and sometimes feel like i'm the only one with it. Can anyone relate to this??
Tasha16 Tasha16
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I know exactly how you feel. Thats how it is with me too my blood sugars are almost never good. ! When im with my friends i like to pretend i dont have diabetes even thought they all know i do but i still pretend i dont !