Emotional Rollercoaster

ok all I can say, is WOW. It feels like as if 2012 is forever gonna be the BIGGEST highlight of my entire life. This time last year, I had not a care in the world. I did not even know what Diabetes was. Last year was the GREATEST year of life. Way too many events for ONE year. My emotions were high, low, high, low and so on! I am really gonna miss it!! On the 1/1/2012, I remember heading off to the airport at about 6:15am. The sky was pitch black. We headed off to the airport because my cousin's were coming back from Florida. I will never forget that beautiful morning. My family and I were on the road on New Year. This I think, is the cause of such a mass year. I'm just a spiritual fool so maybe it's just my interpretation. Here are all the events in order.
January-February: Started recording a studio album with my cousin. Made about 16 songs altogether. Amazingly fun times.

March-April-May: We began working on our own solo albums. Tons of parties. Our favourite artists released new music. I began graphic designing. I got back my self confidence. I made loads of new friends.

June-July. Just had LOADS of fun! Warm summer nights and pink-sky mornings. Early morning jogs around the park. New house. More parties, more parties and more parties. Uncle's Wedding. Staying up all night on the phone while listening to Iron Maiden in my green camo boxers. Trying my best to get rid of all the horrible mosquitos that buzzed around in my room. Just an amazing summer.

August-September: Just chilling. Began taking morphine which almost got me permanently kicked out of uni! Had severe mood attacks which made me hyper one minute and depressed the next. Recovery month was definitely September. It was still hella fun!

October: Began working hard at uni and began getting closet to my dream job.

November: Awesome winter party at my best friend's house. Flew over to New York for a few weeks.

December: Randomly began having diabetic symptoms. Spent weeks trying to find something other than diabetes that shared the same symptoms. Told, told and told myself that I was NOT diabetic. Near Christmas, my symptoms died down and I was happy and relieved that I did not have diabetes (at least that's what I thought). On Boxing Day, my arms and legs felt super numb. This was actually a result of all the weeks I had been stressing. I began having painful headaches and went to the doctor straight away. The doctor did a urine test after I told him about my other symptoms. It turns out that there are traces of glucose in my urine. The doctor did tell me that other conditions cause this as well. I was worried but not THAT worried. after convincing myself that I wasn't diabetic, I thought I felt okay. I went for a blood test on Friday, that same week. After the blood test, I began worrying to the point where I could not sleep at night. My arms and legs were numb and felt like they were asleep. I had panic attacks every time I tried to sleep. I also had nightmares and very unusual and disturbing dreams. This made me feel depressed and I cried for three days straight. I went to the Doctor on Monday and that's where he told me. I felt relieved and scared at the same time. Got in the car with my mother and burst into tears. She, like ANY amazing mother would do, tried her best to reassure me and make me feel better. Ever since, I have reused that 1: Diabetes isn't that bad. in fact, it's not really bad at all. 2: I'm managing it well. 3: My family are being very very VERY supportive! 4: I have hope.

So that is my story about my life-changing year! Feel free to leave comments and oh yeah, WE WILL HAVE A CURE!
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attitude, controles our life; not diabetes, not epilepsy. it's attitude that controles our life and yours is great.

Thank you so much you really have given me hope that maybe its not all so bad :,) thanks so much I mean it

You're very welcome! Remember to keep your head up and have HOPE! There is always light at the end of the tunnel. :,)