Diagnosed At 13

My Name is Stephanie Brown

I am 16

About  term 2  in 2006 I wos just about to get ready for the school holidays, little did I know I was going to spend the first week in hospital with type1 diabetes.

I dont remember the day because i was unconsious that whole day. My blood sugar was 59 mmol and if I didnt go into the hospital within 2 hours i would have died. They say if it wasnt for my mother I wouldnt be here so i thank her so much. Even with my Diabetes I am still doing the things I love. Rowing is one of my favourite sport and I thought it was the end of it but my doctors said they would just have to adjust my insulin. I know that I am definately thankful of the doctors and my mum for saving my life because without them I dont think i would be here today.

I hope to hear some of your stories and maybe become friends with some of you

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Diagnosed at 10 I am now 16 . I don't really accept my disease so if we can talk I would be grateful

It was just this last april or may that i was diagnosed with type 1. I'm really still adjusting but i pretty much get the whole thing. I'm 13 years old. I'm glad i have something in common with someone else in the world. I live in Canada so the level of blood glucose is different.<br />
I had the same symptoms that everyone gets, it turns out that i was 35 when the usual is between 4-7. 1 more day and i would have been in coma.<br />
My life has changed a whole lot. Know ing that you have had it since you were my age really makes it clear to me that i can still live a normal life!<br />
How long was it after you were diagnosed that you got a pump? Right now i''m using pens, like the needles but much smaller. I'm having a really hard time with them sometimes because they hurt alot. Do you have any suggestions?