Low Income Tight Budget How Do I Eat?

my husband is currently unemplyed and i receive ssi as of right now. all our cash goes to rent, a few toiletries, bus rides if we cant walk there and little things like that. we get food stamps but only 74 a month. i am trying to go through DARS to receive training so that i might be able to get a job with my issues and my husband is spending every day searching for a job as well. i guess what i'm wondering is how we feed 2 people 1 with type 2 diabetes on a 74 a month grocery budget. any thoughts?
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1 Response Aug 15, 2012

Romaine lettuce has more protein per calorie than steak. Spinach, chard and kale are nutritional powerhouses. Beans are great.

i like those foods! thanks

I am low income and all those things have saved me money and my health has improved.