I Was Just Diagnosed Today With Having Diabetes 2

I knew I was borderline for yrs. I went for some bloodtests this week. Today I saw my doctor and he confirmed I have diabetes 2. I got the tester and ready to take some control of it.
Im looking for some support. thankx
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Please don't be discouraged, you can be free of this disease if you really want to be, it's a lie to say you can't, but it does take commitment and is more work than most are willing to undertake. I have a strong history in my family, was obese and ripe for the diagnosis, but it was still a wake up call! I didn't realize the medicines we have to take are nearly as bad as the disease, and even the ADA says once you have it, it's for life, and their diet is NO help! So I dug deeper, ans about the same time I saw Forks over Knives! We've been brainwashed by the big $$$ industries to believe their hype, but it is dairy and FAT that causes diabetes! Eliminate it and make a few changes and your diabetes will go away!!! My blood sugars returned to normal in less than 30 days on a whole foods, all plant, no added fat diet, no dairy, no animal products at all. Some people cry "That is so extreme!" Well, losing a leg or two, having a heart attack or open heart surgery, losing my eyesight, or dying from complications of diabetes is pretty damn extreme, no?" Once I got used to it, my diet is more varied and tastier than it ever was before! I have lost 150 lbs with no effort and it has stayed off, I am off all meds, my cholesterol and BP and all the other markers are all normal and better! My doctor is stupefied! She actually wanted me to continue taking the meds even though I clearly did not need them!!! You think she feels like she's lost control or what? LOL! How nuts! Anyway, it's up to you what to do...I thought I had tried everything and it was hopeless. It's NOT! Go to the Forks over Knives website or any of the others they list there...the info is pretty universal, you just have to stick to it for it to work for you. Good luck!

I have type 2 diabetes as well, have had it for about 3 years. You will likely be on medication, have to test every morning. It will take sometime to realize, as it did for me and that is you will never be cured of it. You will have it forever. So make the best of it. One thing, as it did for me, it sure ruined my sex life. I find it real difficult to even get interested anymore. Do you have high blood pressure as well? I do, and the blood pressure medication is what really takes your sex drive from you.
Make me your friend, and we can talk more.

I was diagnosed with type 2 about 8 months ago AFTER I had the great pleasure of receiving a heart attack from it. Now that I have everything under control, I'm pretty cool with it and try not to let it control my life. But its not always that easy. If you want to talk about it, drop me a line.
Good luck..........

thank you. Im going to lose some weight this coming year. I already got an excerize ball, a bike a friend and I are going to biking this spring and summer and some dumbells. Its a wake up call being diagnosed