I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in early 2009. I have been working on getting it under control and currently my morning blood sugars are in the 100 to 130 range lunch blood sugars are in the 80 to 100 range and dinner ones are in the 70 to 120 range. It has been lots of work but has been worth it. I am still working on losing weight and trying to eat healthier so I can try to get off the insulin and cut back on the medications.
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Jcchurch........yes,it can be hard with diabetes......my boyfriend has it. He eats no sweets of anykind......and has worked on getting his sugar down to 6 or 7. You will get there too....that's great .your trying.I have fibromyalgia......and am under making a diet change myself.........we'll get their! With any illness,its.good to get a lot more good vegetables into a daily eating routine......seems to help!Anyways....you do a great job on this website.....all the best!