Diabetes Is a Life Sentence!

I developed Diabetes about 8 years ago. My father had it and so did my uncle. I hate that I have to deal with all the stuff that goes along with diabetes. It seems like the more I try to eat correctly the more I want to eat junk.  to top it off I have hypothyroidism. I feel like I run an uphill battle with these two health issues.  I go from blood sugars of 350 for a while then I gain control and they are down to 90-120 then back up again to 300s. its such a drag.  Then my thyroid meds get changed and then the cycle begins again. Its like I walk this balance beam with my endocrine system and if I step off the beam just a little I fall on my butt! Right now they are out of control. Im working on trying to get it back where it needs to be because I feel lousy all the time with high blood sugars. I just found out my son at 12 is begininng to show signs of pre diabetes already. So I need to control mine and help him keep it from developing. Im just so tired of it all!

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awaken to health with diabetes. It's really a possibility, even likely if you go for it, although far from easy. But what of great value is easy? The reward is feeling better and living longer and well.<br />
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Sorry you are having such a hard time. It's hard to have health problems. My diabetes is under control but I have other health issues. I hope you can find some sort of balance. It's hard when you want a health problem to get better and meds don't always do what they should.

You're right - meds don't do all they should for diabetes. In fact, ther ADA and others point our that LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION programs are TWICE as effective as medications in reaching treatment goals. Lifestyle intervention actually offers the possibility of REVERSAL of diabetes.

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I can definitely relate to where you are coming from...((hugs))

I understand. My son is type 1, and was diagnosed at 3. We've been walking the tightrope for 7 years. See if your doctor can get you a continuous blood glucose monitor. It has totally helped us even out the highs and lows.

You are so right I do get so sick of feeling sick all the time. I am kinda bummed that I am now having to do insulin twice a day now, you would think it would motivate me to eat better, but it hasnt really. Im hoping soon I will get so sick of feeling sick that I will take better action. The visious cycle continues the cravings the high sugars more cravings and so on. I joined a site called diabetes daily its a support group forum you should join there are alot of people on there that have a lot of knowledge and are very very supportive. check it out I have the same user name on there come find me on the forum if you join. its free!

I feel you on this one. It seems the more knowledge you have.. the more terrifying it becomes. I try to cook better for my kids and I but after a long day, who wants to cook. I wish you the best of luck with your medical issues. It is not a walk in the park for sure. There are days you just get sick of being sick. And no one understands you being tired if they don't have it themselves.