Was Diagnosed In 2002.

Put on Metformin & told to change my diet. I would have to lose 10% at least of my body weight in 6 months..... So I did.

Then I gained it all back......... :(( I was eating better but I wasn't eating regularly. So my body just turned everything to fat for storage. Stupid body. I don't do that anymore. I've lost a bit of weight in the last 6 months. More since Shane left & we had to cut down on food. lol. We are eating smaller portions & more of the good stuff. It's okay, I'm so happy that I'm losing that I don't really care how slow it goes. I love that I took out a bunch of spring clothes on Friday, (I had put them away last year because none of them fit me) they all fit except for one top. I had a grin from ear to ear for the rest of the day. lol.... Now I have to wonder if my summer dresses will finally fit me again. I'd like to wear one of them for a special event happening at the end of July. :)) I hope they fit, but I'm not going to get them out of the attic til the end of June. That way I have 2 more months to lose a little more. Mahahahahaha!!!

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Apr 12, 2009