My Feet Are Hideous!!

I have the UGLIEST pair of feet ever. I feel so angry that my dumb toenails wont grow, i frequently vacation in the Caribbean because my family are from there, so u have an ideal of the required foot wear!! Yup, sandals, flip flops, and more strappy stuff!! All aiming at exposing these atrocities. Right now my toenails are super super short and to make matters even worse the skin around my cuticles area is a bit dark brown (I'm caramel skin tone)

I feel so ugly, i have zero confidence when i go out with my significant other, i feel like i am not as pretty or as cute as those girls with feet so pretty i think they might be models! I wish every day that my feel will lighten up!

Sometimes when I'm on my period and i am extra moody i cry! i cry for me and all those ppl out there that feel the way i do, i cry for all those sandal sale i will pass on, all because of my gross feet!

However i try to not get tooo depressed i try to remember that there are people out there that cant walk, those that have no feet or even those unlucky ones without any toe nails ( i still have a slither of nail...thank god!!)

I pray that those out there that sometimes feel the way i do will one day in the very near future have beautiful clean and healthy nails that make their owners so proud they will bravely and shamelessly flaunt a french manicure!!!

God bless all of u!!!

uglyfeet uglyfeet
Sep 17, 2009