Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with UC when I was 15 years old, it was November, 2005. 
First 3 years, it wasn't serious because my ulcer was in the very small range of rectum. So I always forgot to take my medicine, ate and enjoyed spicy foods and greasy foods. It was the begining of the diseaster. . . . . . . .After the final exam was finished and at the begining of the summer holiday of second year of university, I couldn't eat anything except water. But I couldn't meet my doctor immediately because I had to make and appointment with him a week ago.  my weight was almost 40 kg - my usual weight was 46kg. It was like a nightmare. I was suffered from pain in the night so I couldn't sleep, went to the toilet 15 times a day. Finally I had an endoscope ; and my doctor told me that the ulcer has passed into all of my colon. So I started to take steroids with azaprine; immunosuppressive drug. It seemed to be worked but It caused another problem. Because of the side effect of Azaprine, I got a pancytopenia in the following winter. I was given 3 packs of blood and one pack of blood plasma, injected granulocyte concentrates 6 times, Strong antibiotics were injected 3 times a day.. I was in the sterilizated room in the hospital and ate sterilizted foods because my immunity ability was really low. Fever was continued every hour and every night so my clothes was wet and shaked every morning.  And that time, it was season of H1N1. it was really hard and scary time for me and my family but I'm alive and I'm in Melbourne with Working Holiday visa. I've been here for 2 months and my symtom is so unusual nowadays. :9 but I'm still young and I want to do everything but my colon is not allowing it . I'm taking steroids again.. i hope it works !!! My story is too long, and maybe my grammar is wrong because I'm not an english speaker :P
Thank you for reading it and I feel comfortable now. I sholud go out to find a job !! good luck to me and good luck to everybody !!!!!! 
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Wow, you should never had played with your disease. It is a very serious one if you don't pay the right attention to. My daughter was also diagnosed with UC when she was 15. She waited too long to let us now what she was going through and when she decided to tell us, we had to take her to the hospital where she stayed for 10 days and lost 10 pounds. After that occurrence, she's been doing everything by the books and I'm also giving her Green bee Propolis. It's been 2 years since her last flare up and she's only taken Pentasa and the Propolis. How do you feel today?