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 It was a little over a year ago.  I had visited a friend that lived near a bunch of orchards and bought some apple butter from a road side stand.  I ate some the next morning and was sick in a few hours.  I thought it was the stomach flew so I just took a few days off.  It only got worse and a few days turned into a couple weeks.  I had just moved across the country and every Dr. I called wouldn't take new patients, so I finally went to a walk in Dr.'s office.  They said it was a kidney stone and to let it go.  A few days later, it had gotten to the point that I was going on average 10 times an hour and the pain was so bad I couldn't walk.  I went back to the walk in place and a different Dr. told me she couldn't believe the first Dr. told me to go home, I needed to go to the hospital.

After lots of pain killers and some X-rays they decided that I had gotten e coli from the apple butter and since i let it go so long it triggered Ulcerative Colitis.  Since I had just moved, I couldn't find my insurance card.  The hospital sent me home after a few hours cause they thought I had no insurance.  I went to a gastrointestinal specialist a week later and upon viewing my x-rays said that he couldn't believe the hospital would have seen my x-rays and let me go home because my colon was so badly damaged.  The hospital had given me a some harsh medicine and some pain killers and told me not to eat anything, I was only allowed clear liquids.  After 2 weeks, I was allowed to have the BRAT diet (in case you don't know, that's bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) since apple butter started all this i was not too happy about the applesauce.  

so a month and a half later, I had lost 35 pounds, had to quit my new job, and had to go back home so my mom could take care of me.  Finally my dad made an appointment for me to see his homeopathic Dr.  He gave me pills that were concentrated probiotic (bacteria found in yogurt).  It was amazing.  They helped so much.  

I'm now lactose intolerant, I can have some cheese, but not a whole lot.  I also don't eat much fat and nothing spicy.  It wasn't hard for me to adjust to a special diet since I had been raised a vegetarian.  But no matter what, when my stomach starts to hurt, or I eat something I know I shouldn't, I take that probiotic and it helps every time. I like the pills, I recently got the liquid and it works but it tastes like spoiled yogurt.  I still have some small flare ups, and I had one bad flare up, but I haven't had to go back to the Dr. and I'm not on any medication other than the probiotic. 

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I don't have your medical condition, but a friend of mine has serious intestine "problems"; for over a decade now. I know quite well, how that affected her living conditions and her wellness. I am glad you are feeling better now (I avoided the term "Good For You", which in some cases, at least in germany where I live, can be a really coldhearted word).