I'm Free From Ulcerative Colitis

I have Ulcerative Colitis since 1999. From 1999-2005, my UC is up and down. But most of the time it was down. Until 2005, my wife give me a traditional recipe of CASSAVA Flour. This recipe is not dangerous and no side effect at all. Most important there is no chemical ingredient in it. This is it.

1. A glass of water (room temperature).
2. 2 Spoons of Cassava Flour (Tapioka)
3. 1 or 2 spoons of Brown Sugar
4. A little salt

That's it, don't mix it with other material, cause other material can make your stomach iritation.
You can also find it in: http://www.gpawarenessfund.com/id2.html
I only take this when my UC is flare. Usualy after 2 days my dhiarea and blooding will stop. And everything back to normal.
Right now I can eat anything in the world.
If you search on google.com maybe you can also find several famous dokter recommend CASSAVA flour or SAGU flour in UC treatement. But most of them didn't write how to create that CASSAVA flour recipe.
So, right now I don't take any medication at all. I'm just like a normal person now, I can eat anything and I can go every where without allways looking for the toilet :)
In my humble opinion (IMHO), most of stomach problem are cause by too many stomach acid in our stomach. Some how our body produce too many of stomach acid, this can be triggered by several reasons. such as:

- Too Tired
- Strees
- Wrong Food
- Too many alcohol
- And some other reasons.

anyway, a normal healty people usually can handle this kind of problems. But, for some people it can cause dhiarea. At first it just dhiarea, after 1 or 2 weeks the fluid in our stomach that suppose to protect our stomach from our own stomach acid is begin to decrease (cause by too many dhiarea).
At this moment, the stomach acid start to attack our own stomach (intestine). Although our stomach acid level is back to normal again, but the fluid in our intestine is already decrease.
Most of the time the increasing of stomach acid is only happen for a short of time.
So, if you try to remove the part of your blooding intestine by surgery than it will not make you better. Cause the stomach acid can always attack another part of your intestine.
Now, the relation with CASSAVA flour: Cassava flour can replace the fluid in our stomach that suppose to protect our stomach from our own stomach acid. So if we drink cassava recipe, it will protect our stomach and give a time to our stomach to recover, hence the blooding will stop.
In Indonesia, Cassava recipe is already well-known. Most of poor people in Indonesia don't go to the docter for UC or other stomach problem, we just create Cassava recipe that will only cost US$2. (Very-Very cheap). After that they get better again. Also in Indonesia only few people are insurance. So this recipe is very helpful for them. I'm not the person who invent this famous recipe. This recipe is a tradional recipe that already well-known in Indonesia since God knows when.
If you have any question, you can send me an email to: evan.geminika@gmail.com or cybervan3@yahoo.com
interisting link: http://www.colitisfoundation.com/dcforum/DCForumID13/2530.html



I hope my recipe can be use to heal Ulcerative Colitis all over the world,



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Dear All UC Patient in the world.<br />
<br />
Please always think positive, cause as my self I don't take any medication at all.<br />
<br />
UC, can be cured just by eat the netral food.

Hi,<br />
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I think you can buy it, in the nearest grocery store.<br />
<br />
In Indonesia we use cassava flour so many times to make a cake :)

Where can you get cassava flour?

Thank you i am going to try it.