Im 26 And Have Had Uc For 8 Years Now. My Input To Live Without Pain.

So I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 18. I know how hard it can be to live with the pain and everything else that comes along with it. For the first few years that I suffered with this disease I had it about as bad as it can be. No option for surgery, a lot of bleeding and that pain of feeling like your going to explode just makes you want to take youeself out!
I used the Canasa when i was first diagnosed and it did nothing along with choking down 3200mg of Asacol last year to give it a shot. First of all that also didnt help me at all and if you take that medication you know it is very, very expensive! Also I got extremely dehydrated from it which lead to migraines.
At 22yo never being a drug user, I was with some friends and smoked some pot. After smoking just once I was perfect for an entire week! No bleeding, no pain, no nothing! I ate normally, went to the bathroom normally and it was a dream! I dont care if you can get a medical Marijuana card in your state or not you need to smoke some pot! It does not just numb the pain it makes my UC shrink down so minimal it is hardly there.
I do not support the use of drugs at all. Just like I dont support putting 3200mg of Asacol in my body every day to see no results, and feel im doing much more harm than marijuana would. On top of that I use a lot of natural solutions and eat very well. Here are some things you need to look into if you have not already.

Kombucha- Often reffered to as a mushroom. It has great probiotics in it that work to help your digestive tract. Often found at health food stores. Not cheap per bottle but you can make your own. Google it and do your research

Kefir- Another natural Probiotic that is also great for the digestive tract. Also easily found and you will find you can make a large quantity for a low cost. Dont get the processed good tasting stuff. Get the natural stuff and choke it down or mix it in a smoothie. Kombucha is also not tasty but again. Hold your nose and choke it down!

Peppermint Oil- Soothes the stomach lining and is another great low cost supplement.

Everything I have listed is natural along with Marijuana. Do yourself a favor and smoke some pot. You wont believe what it will do for you.
I hope you will take my advice, I have been living with disease for a long time and tried it all until I found what works! I am not cured but live everyday without pain...
KeithAB KeithAB
26-30, M
Apr 12, 2012