What Worked For Me After 5 Years Of Hell

I am new to this group. I just wanted to share my story. I have had ulcerative colitis for 5 years. You all know the story: a lot of pain, 12-15 times in the bathroom with a feeling like all insides are falling out of me, so much blood...
Tried prescription drugs. Had so many side effects with a little result, so it was not worth it. Tried so many supplements, herbs, just about the best probiotics on the market (VSL3, Dr. Ohhira, Prescript-Assist. Mutaflor-did help while took it, but not sold in US...).
Thanks to Mutaflor I did have a job for a while, but FDA took it off the market and my nightmare started again. I had to quit because I could not leave the house. I started reading everything I could find about colitis and alternative treatments. I found firstly Living clay. Tried it. Had some improvement, than I read about Terramin clay. I took it for 4 days and had a dramatic improvement just in 4 days. The pain was gone, trips to the bathroom diminished to 3 with much less blood. I was ecstatic! I became obsessed about clay and healing and looking for the best healing clay. Then I read about Pascalite clay. I ordered 1 lb. Let me tell you this clay is the strongest clay. I am a big fan of both Terramin and Pascalite clays. I highly recommend everybody with colitis or Crohn's to read about them and take them internally. You will not regret it.
Best health to all,
lookforcure lookforcure
Apr 13, 2012