Uc Newbie With A Lot Of Questions

I have had blood in my stool for quite awhile and I just figured it was internal hemorrhoids. Then it started to get worse. So I went to a GI and got a colonoscopy. He confirmed it was moderate UC. This was just yesterday, he prescribed me Lialda, which for me will be $241 a month. Is there other options besides prescriptions? What are the best foods to reduce a flare up? Today everytime I stand up I have to use the bathroom and its all blood along with cramping. Can I work again?
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

I've had severe UC for about 7 years now. I started smoking Marijuana about 4 years ago and it completely relieves my pain, bleeding and I have no symptoms. After about 2 weeks or so of not smoking my symptoms wil slowly begin to return. You wount believe what it will do for you until you try it. I tried Asacol that was $600 a mo and it had terrible side effects, didnt work nearly as well as Marijuana....

Asacol works better than Lialda for me. Get insurance and you can get your medicine for 30$ once you pay the deductable which isnt too hard to reach especially if you go to your grastrointerologist often and pay full price for your px a few times. Also get prednisone called in whenever you notice flare ups. None of the vitamin supplements made any difference. Nor has diet changes. Keep a healthy diet and do moderate exercise everyday. Also avoid milk.

I have had UC for 20 years have tried diets, many presc<x>riptions, etc. Don't be fooled by fast curesl I know it sucks but there is no cure. Doesn't mean you can't work but I myself quit working because of how severe it got. I am now on Remicade which seems to have slowed the symptoms. As far as diet I recommend staying away from dairy, greasy, spicy foods. No fast foods. Boiled chicken is a good option as well as shying away from red meat. Any kind of red meat is hard to digest so be wary. Research as much as you can and ask lots of questions. I would also find a good support group online ie Facebook or twitter. There is a website I recommend called ihaveuc.com very good information there. Good luck.

I have had uc for 19 years and I had to quite my job atfter four years.I recommend you try a herb call intestinal soothe and build.