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I was dagnoised with UC two years ago and until this year everything was fine. i was having all the signs associated with UC and i spent a week in the hospital at Texas Children's and they were really nice and explained to me and not my parents. this year is my toughest year yet, i usually have flare ups for a week or the longest is a month. this year is my senior year and this whole year i have had a flare up. its all the syms. i remember and my doctor put me back on steroids along with all the other meds, folic acid, 6mp,naxeium, the s ones. i was curious if i could get advice. i have wished and wished to be normal again or not to see blood anymore. if ya'll have any advice plz tell me. it's hard enough being a teenager in high school but having a diease makes me feel like i have a target on my back.
MyButterflyStory5 MyButterflyStory5
18-21, F
May 9, 2012