I'm Overwhelmed!!

I started having severe symptoms about four years ago. I was misdiagnosed numoruos times. I was put through a myriad of tests. Some of which were painful and humiliating. They all said that it was psychosymatic. I had a colonoscopy with biopsies three years ago. However, the colorectal surgean did not request that the lab test for lymphocitic colitis. I spent the following years still suffering and thinking I must be crazy!! I was finally diagnosed with microscopic ulcerative colitis. I am glad to finally have a name for my disease. They really don't know much about it. The doctors have conflicting opionions and my gastroenterologist wants to try lortronex. It can have devastating adverse reactions and could lead to having a stoma. I have tried entocort and asacol hd to no avail. I feel and am isolated in my rural community. I went to the doctor today and still have no real answers. All I really know for sure is my life is limited and my career is gone and I've been to the bathroom 17 times since 2:30 this A.M. God help me I have fleeting thoughts of giving up and giving in. Can you please, anyone give me some sort of light to look forward to?
GloriaNell GloriaNell
1 Response May 16, 2012

going through similar issues. work suffers, everyday life can be tough at times. I feel your pain. keep trying and keep your head up. giving up is not an option for anyone. best of luck to you.