Diagnosed In 2005

I was diagnosed with UC in 2005. I have moderately active symptoms but have been relatively healthy on Asacol 4800 g per day. Two years ago I had a flare and my doc switched me to Imuran but that caused pancreatitis. I begged her to keep me on Asacol because I was afraid of Remicade or Humira. She let me stay on it but told me she wanted me on Remicade. I promised her the next time I flared I would switch. Well, that happened and I got my first Remicade infusion last Friday. The infusion was easy. I felt sick the next day though...flu like. My symptoms are not better yet. Next infusion on the 17th. And I have a business trip next week! The joys of traveling during a flare!!
MarissaMoore MarissaMoore
41-45, F
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

I hope u have a flare free trip..be safe