I Have Uc

I found out i had UC when i was 16 in January 2010. I never would get sick so when i started to get cramps, loss of appetite, 15-25 bowel movements a day ( from a normal 1 or 2 a day ) and a lot of blood in my stool i knew something was very wrong. we went straight to the hospital (after a few days of delay) as soon as i got there they did`nt know what was wrong but i went to ICU. (ARROWHEAD hospital) then after a week and many failed attempts to find out what was wrong they transfered me to Loma Linda Childrens Hospital.

Now here is where the answers came in they gave me a colonoscopy and then came back with the bad news. I was very very inflamed and they said this was one of the worst they had seen in a long time. I can`t name all the medicines i have tried but the most memorable were steriods , Sulfasalazine,Mesalamine,Remicade & i am currently doing Humiara injections (highest dose)

I am writing this in the hosptial Childrens Hospital Of Los Angeles they want me to have the surgery, i am not getting better since 2010 i have been in and out of the hospital flare up after flare up. i have however got better forr about 3 months but thats the longest. now im here getting another blood transfusion.

I will never do the surgery, becaues i could`nt live for 3-6 months with a bag outside me i know it is only temporary only waiting for my insides to heal but that is hell for me . unless i hear from people who have done it and have good things to say about it. But for now i will live with the body god has gave me and i will have a diet to obey and hopefuly that it self will help me get threw this.

please feel free to tell me your advice..
destinyperez destinyperez
18-21, F
Sep 20, 2012