My Big Battle

I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about a year ago and it seems like I can't get better. I'm having a hard time in school, I'm always in pain, I'm always in the hospital, and I'm suffering from depression. I'm really just need someone to talk to who is going through what I am. I feel so alone because nobody I know understands.
spiritofthesea spiritofthesea
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5 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I understand and trust me its hard to not have someone who does understand or care.

I feel your pain girl. Stay strong, sometimes i feel like a bother to my family because all i do is complain about the pain i feel :(

I am with you too. I feel people get mad all the time cause I am always hurting and sick.

I'm exactly the same! But this is my fourth week.. It's a horrible thing but we just have to deal with it, how? I don't know, just got to find it in our selves, make us motivated to not stress or concentrate on the negative

Same!! i was diagnosed a year ago and i'm still not better yet. i feel really alone in this. it is hard but stay strong. this is really nice to hear that there are other people just like me!!

Yep I agree with you too. Just wish someone would write its lonely out here.

I was pretty unwell for the first year, but then I got on the right meds and have spent much more time well than ill. Are you getting regular reviews with your doctor? Are you being treated by a specialist gastroenterologist? If not can you get a referral to one?
I can't relate to being ill at school, I was 40 when I was diagnosed and was off sick from work for a year. It hit me at a different life stage, I have kids your age. But please pm me if you want to talk or just rant! It is a lonely illness, mostly concerning things that people who haven't been through it don't talk about!