My Battle

I was diagnosed with UC about a year ago, when i was 12 and i'm still not better. I am 13 now and I feel really alone and since i'm not going to school  and i miss my friends. I'm trying to stay stong but its hard. I don't know anyone else, personally that has this and it's really hard. Anyone else feel this way?!?!?!
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13-15, F
4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

im 13 and i have uc 2 but i have had surgery and now i feel so much better.

Your not alone. Hang in there and talk to stone of the people on this site.

I was diagnosed with UC when i was 11 and i am 15 now, I control mine with diet and pills but i sometimes feel alone because everyone i know doesn't have a GI track issue

I am going through exactly the same, all I can advise it talk to your family and friends and don't keep them in the dark about what's going on with you. I made that mistake. Just tell your self it will get better because it does at the end of the day:)