Please Help! 12 Yr Old Newly Dx Ulcerative Proctitis...

I am new to this forum and after several attempts to find another parent/child with same dx.....i am reaching out to the online community. So please bare with me as we are in desperation for answers.
So if thera ask....
First. Did you have symptoms prior to your diagnosis? If so....what and how long?
Second. Our daughter has several behavior issues in addition.
Her official dx or what the dr.s are saying is ulcerative proctitis, just the last 5 to 6 inches of her rectum along with a loosened sphincter.
So much more to our story....but this started with a double vaginal infection...then 2 weeks later she told me she had "stuff" coming out...fluid from her bum....and since september have been tests...labs...therapy..
I guess i will stop here for now...i hope someone can respond to the above and thank u in advance.
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I had a throat infection, and took antibiotics. The antibiotics lead to a C. Difficile infection. My symptoms started the same - passing mucus, even without passing stools. After a month of no diagnosis, I did a colonoscopy and they found colitis, proctitis like your daughter's. A few days later, biopsy results came back and showed the C. Difficile infection, which induced my proctitis. Try doing a stool sample for infectious diseases.