Female With Uc

hi i was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with ibd and uc couldnt believe my ears when got told,i think i went into shock for a few days.i was told that it was ok for me because of my age which is a young 48 yr old.But when this goes around in your head things start to make sense just like fitting a jigsaw puzzle.When i got sterilised 20 yrs ago i came down with thrush which went on for 4 yrs and all the gp gave me was cream that done no good,then one day i read in a magazine that you could get a tablet which you take once a mth.Ialso had bad cramps and pain when doing the toilet and still no 1 had a clue what was wrong with me.They treated me for ibs but only after taking this tablet for 6 mths did i get better and every time i felt the thrush coming back i would take this tablet.The gp then said that thrush can also live in your bowel.Then 5 yrs later my mum broke her hip and it took our lovely gp 6 weeks to diagnose this,so think the stress of this triggered my bowel to play up again and this time i was sent to get a colonoscopy my symptoms then was loads of mucus but it had calmed down by the time i got the colonoscopy so nothing showed up again.then 5yrs ago my nephew and mum died within 6 mths of each other and then i started passing loads of blood and again by the time i got the appointment it settled down and they saw nothing except an internal pile.then 4 mths ago i developed uc symptoms and finally got a diagnoses.I have also suffered from painful joint of the spine and fingers and knees for about 12 yrs.I think this has something to do with uc.Iwas given pensata 4 g a day but feel nausea and have headaches every day does anyone else think theres a conection with my symtoms.
cat5woman cat5woman
Jan 22, 2013