18 Years and Thriving

I was properly diagnosed with UC when I was 15 years old... but I expressed symptoms as early as age four. I regulate my symptoms and general discomfort with careful diet, a low-stress lifestyle, and sense of humor.
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I have had stomach issues my whole life and it was diagnosed as UC when i was eleven and they thought i had crohns before so it was kind of good but i have controlled it with diet as long as i can remember. A sense of humor is absolutely necessary.

I have had this bloody ilness for about 4yrs and find it very had to cope some days

HI !! I realize no advice is sought here as you have it under control but I would feel guilty if I didn't ask you to look into kefir if you haven't. Just google "kefir" and "dom" to find a website that tells everything. I know of people, including myself, who have been helped greatly by this food.