Insurance Denial Remicade

Anyone else having problems getting Remicade approved for UC treatment?


MommaD MommaD
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6 Responses Nov 26, 2007

I have been on Remicade for a year and half now and I am using the Remistart reimbursement program from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, it only lasts two years and then I'll be stuck paying A LOT of money per infusion to meet my deductible. I wish it wasn't so expensive because it's the only thing that has worked for me

I didnt have insurance when i started taking Remicade. Trillium insurance was the only company to accept me.

How much is everyone's remicade treatments costing them/their insurance? Mine used to cost over 12 grand a pop! I can see why insurance would be hesitant to foot that bill, but I also agree it does help when nothing else seems to be working.

There was no problem in my case, but likely my insurance thinks it is cheaper than paying for a hospital stay. Maybe if you go the ER more, they'll get skittish and approve it. Good luck! It definitely is not a cure all but remicade helps when nothing else will.

I have been getting remicade for 2 years and my insurance has always been good about paying.

I was used back in jan 2004 when they were first trying remicade for UC and I had trouble back then, but I get remicade every 8 weeks now and its approved fine, because I believe about 2 years ago it was "approved" for UC and Crohn's disease (just like rheumatoid arthritis, etc). I wouldn't think you should have problems.