Fancy a Walk ........

Once when walking in the park with my significant other we walked  round the duck pound as you do ......

For some reason we passed some kids playing about in two rowing boats , never gave it much of a thought ..... till their laughing stopped I don't know why  I turned  and looked over.  Just started wading over to them , then before a got to the first boat  their he was this we tot under the water . I grabbed him went back to the side of the pond a small crowd gathered he coughed and sputtered and started crying .... We just left but I don't know  what made me turn around ........ Do I belong in here  :o) ?

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well i dint know about that Q ... but thanks

Ditto the above 2 posts. Two kids are breathing today because of you. Thanks salar.

Pix thank you <br />
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BB i really liked that No1 it was tiny ...

OMG... I think you are an angel! Of course you belong here! You've touched two lives in a way that is unforgettable! How many people can say that?

Once before when i was in my flat a girl came running to my door with a baby in her arms , she was screaming the he was turning blue and wasn't breathing , i just took him from her placed in on the couch and blew long and hard to inflate his lungs the shock brought him round , by this time a had a flat full of police ambulance and relatives .... never saw nor heard from the kids mother again , same time some one stole my No1 navy zippo lighter ... strange that also

yes, I'm still a spiritual seeker...know there's something far greater than us...and I believe that's why you turned around. Kind of get chills though.

Thank you frito but still a bit weird dont you think

This story is wonderful. I don't think it was an accident that you turned around salar

Hey thanks Dog ........... :O)

YES you belong here! I'm sure the kid's mother would love to thank you for your uncommon sense!

*BEAMING* *HUGS* <br />
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I don't think sense is common any more!