This Man Had Me Before I Even Knew It

i sit here confused and very emotional. i am not sure about a lot of things. pictures, images move thrugh my mind at lightning speed. thoughts and emotions rise out of me like tidal waves. the only thing i'm sure of, is that i love him.

i found something out from his ex yesterday. he lies and tries to cover it up. he lies and puts off seeing me. i haven't seen him since may. he tells me very little, not more than what he thinks he needs to say. he keeps me close but i could as well be hundreds of miles away.

he is my counterpart. in this life, we were brought together for a reason. maybe he is not ready. but i will wait for him. the love i feel for him goees beyond words. there is nothing that i can type here that will reflect my love. the more i try to ignore the way i feel, the worse the emotions get.. so i accept the fact that either i love this man completely, with all his faults and imperfections or i choose any other path, one without him. and i choose to love him completely, his faults, his lies, his deception, because they are part of who he is. and i will love him because it's what i was born to do.
Syvilla Syvilla
Jul 28, 2010