Unconditional Love

This is my first story here. A brief intro..
I am a thin guy with very average looks, fairly stable in love with a girl ( an angel actually) for the past 4 years who is very much in love with an handsome , more successful and a nice guy for an year . She knows that I love her as I had mentioned it twice before, but rubbished them off .But she talks to me a lot about everything, her relationship problems etc . She even discusses with me how to improve her relationship with her boyfriend.
I just love whenever she talks to me, even thinks of me ! I am in love with her even though I know that she is extremely committed with someone else and I cant do anything about it. In fact I wish that she be very happy in her relationship as the prospect of she getting hurt is more disturbing to me than she liking her. I love her unconditionally now or atleast i make a conscious effort to keep it that way.
If she pings, I just drop everything and talk. She is the love of my life who sadly I cant get.
Most of the times I am ok with it, but sometimes I just want to be in the other guy's place.
Its like I cant live without talking to her & and cant live with the hope she creates by talking to me. I just wish her good always.. though she just thinks of me as a very good friend (took a lot of time even to be her close friend)
I hope she doesnot recognize me if she read this, dont want her to feel bad!
So please share your comments or give me some strength to make my love more unconditional!
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Just be there if she need you and wait, I think.

Well she wants to marry him in some years ... that level committment...Its not easy .. or rather I dont want to cut contact with her!