Talk Or Block ?

How many times have you typed a message to your love and kept in drafts?

How deeply have you experienced the desire to talk to her when she comes online and you can do nothing but just open her chat window or profile and just stare it...wishing she pings you!

I dunno whether to talk to her or block her. There is really nothing to say as she is committed with someone and has rejected me after I had conveyed my feelings to her.

But my mind doesnot allow me to block her , neither can I work when she is online.

Yearning for someone is a pain but the pearls which come from her mouth are worth it!

Heres to hoping that God gives me strength to bear this separation/rejection and takes care of her as I would do!
UnconditionaLover UnconditionaLover
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I have told her once, what use is their by telling her again and again and embarrassing her ?

you abused her feelings by writing pieces after pieces and saved them in draft box. why? because you don't know what you want to say but force yourself to say something. that is tragic.