I Have Unconditional Love For....

My fiance. He so amazing. He has impacted and changed my life so much for the better! I've found out alot about myself that I didn't know before because of him. My eyes have been opened about so many things because of him. I have learned how deep true love can go. I have learned the power of forgiveness: of being hurt and forgiving and moving on, being stronger and closer together then before. I have learned alot. Because of him I've found out who trully loves me in my life: who really is my friend. Our love is forever: till death do us part. We are not married yet, but are waiting till we have enough money for a dream wedding. Something decent. I can't wait for that blessed day! We both love the Lord, and that's what will keep us together, if we put Him first, and keep Him there.

beautifulLove beautifulLove
22-25, F
Mar 12, 2010