Unhappy Memories Of School!!

every time i had a major test or exam, i used to go blank, and i hated it!! all the studying, and all the preparation for nothing!!! i got fed up with friends laughing at me, cos they looked across the room at me, and saw me sitting there with my head in my hands again, cos i had gone blank!!! i failed so many years in school, and was kept back so many times, that i decided enough was enough, and i needed to leave school, otherwise i might have been an old age pensioner by the time i eventually managed to finnish high school!!! so i sit here today with no qualifications, and a job i dont like!!! i would love to study again, but im scared in case it ends up being a waste of time, cos i went blank in tests and exams!!!
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

I had that feeling a few days ago with something else but I really think you could definitely finish and be totally succesfull at the exams, I wish I could help more but I know you can, studying is a lot easier than working I guess, everything is just following certain rules and learning new things is wonderful, I think you could see what your options are and try to get your qualifications, I support you!

maybe!! its just that even these days, we do training in my work, and we get these sheets of paper with stuff we have to read through, and then on the back there is questions we have to answer, and even though i know the answers are in front of me, i cant find them half the time, and its annoying, and half the time i end up having to copy other peoples answers, to make sure i get it done on time!!!