Past Is Past

I was teased a lot. It was hard for me to communicate with people. It still is. They thought it’s fun to try to bring me down. I even cried once. Couldn’t stop the tears flowing. They never tried to pick a fight though. Mostly just wanted to get a reaction out of me because I tended to ignore their jokes at my behalf. I was considered the shy nerdy type of kid that never talks in class. Whatever! I’m over it. I don’t keep in touch with those people.
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I am reminded of a time I was young, was a loner, would often go to the movies alone. So this one theater waiting to get in, two lines would form at opposite ends of the wall. A few on the other side of the wall decided I was an easy target, so they started laughing at me, making fun of the fact I was alone. I just watched them, no real ex<x>pression on my face. The whole line on the other side joined in laughing at me. I shrugged it off and watched my movie, they watched theirs. The following week it happened again, three or four were pointing at me laughing starting to make jokes. The guy next to me asked why they were laughing at me? What was I going to do? I winked at him and said watch this. So I stood tall, pointed back and started laughing at them. No reason at all, just pointing my finger back and laughing. The stranger followed suit and did the same. Eventually the entire side I was on were all pointing their fingers at the four and were laughing at them calling them loosers. I smiled and shrugged it off, I went to see my movie, they went to see theirs.

That’s an interesting turn of events :)

One of life's lessons, when you come under attack the first time, be strong but do not fight. Absorb the damage but pay close attention to the strategy chosen. Instead of sheltering yourself, embrace the pain and learn from it. Then take time to understand how the events happened, and plan how to best redirect.

If I were in the same position, I probably would’ve just ignored them and pretended they don’t exist or deserve my time at all. I’m not good at redirecting.

There is no difference between not being good at something and not being educated in something. Read up on Akido, ignore the physical aspects and just look at the thought of how it operates.

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