I am in 8th grade this year and I didn't do well last year for me or my parents. I am going to try my best to improve my overall performance in my academic class's as a student. My problem are my parents. My father has a tendency to put me down and say that I'm stupid and hopeless and my mother joins in. They plan on giving me no free time and take everything away from me, and over whelm me with extra work. They say that this is best for me and they don't listen to reason. If I try to debate or talk back they scream at me and remind me I am in no honors and got terrible grades last year. They even said that teachers think I'm the similar Asian in Asia. I have mixed feelings about school and I have many good friends but I don't know what to do, please help
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16-17, M
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Perhaps bring in a school councillor to do some mediation and help you set some goals the whole family can agree on. My dad was tough on me in junior high and having another adult tell him he needed to calm down really helped.