Adding Insult To Injury

All throughout junior high i was known as "the short kid", i was 5,2 at the beggening of my last year in that school and i got picked on every single day. sometimes just laughing and pointing, often much more physical. I was PUMPED when in the first week of high school one of the most popular kids in the school asked if i wanted to go to his house with some friends at lunch, i thought i could even be cool in high school if this went well!

so we walk to his house at lunch and we all get along great and have a ton in common, they even asked me to be the drummer in their band. we walk into the house an i notice it was pretty small, his parents had recently gotten divorced and he was living with his mom,  he told me that since his brother was still in the process of moving out they had to share rooms. he walks into the room on the right and comes out with his hoodie so i assume the room is his.

I sneak a peak inside and notice some red lace panties and matching bra, him and his brother are both "playas" so i assume a girl spent the night. i jokingly say something to the affect of "hot panties" and everyone is quiet. i slowly realize that he shares a room with his mom, not his brother, they beat me for the entire lunch hour, then went to school and badmouthed me all week and i was bullied for all of grade ten as well as junior high.

JayCurtis JayCurtis
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

That's horrible. So sorry you had to go through that, I have a lot of bad memories of school too.