Got My 5th Boob Job!! Only 19!

So, ever since I was little, like a few years before middle school, I wanted boobs. I would see the girls older than me, and wanted what they had :)  Fast forward 7 years.......................................


Well, I'm 18 now, and had grown a rather impressive set of D cups. But, I still had that thought of being bigger, So I got my first boob job ( I was legal age, so why not!) Being so large to begine with, meant I ould go pretty large my first go. I went from a D cup, to an JJ cup. 1,300 cc's! For a while, that was good enough to fix my craving. But a few months later, I still wanted more. After having my second job, still at 18 so you know, I went to an S cup. 3,600 cc's. Now I was rediculously huge, I mean HUGE! Each of my boobs were about a foot and a half in each direction a piece. I was happy being this big, untill a new thought popped in my head... How big can I go??? Just about a month befor my 19th B-day, i went into my 3rd opperation. I chose to get something called "expander" implants. These are able to ge tmore and more fluid added to them, as the skin loosens up over time. So I can get bigger and bigger monthly. The original size of the expander was 8,400 cc's ( the equilelant size of a Z cup, with 6 Z's ) About every three weeks, I added 1,000 more cc's. I did that for close to 5 months, doubling the size of the original implant to 16,400 cc. ( Now a Z with 17 Z's. )  I waited a month or so till I got my 4th boob job, which was just about 9 months ago now. I got another set of even larger expanders filler with 26,000 cc's to start with. Now I was going in every other week to get 2,000 cc's each visit. After three months of that, I was at 38,000 cc. On the 4th month, I moved it up to 4,500 a visit, and that went on for 5 months. I maxed out the limit the implant could hold at 83,000 cc's. Now, each of my boobs were getting close to three feet each in every direction. My last boob job, just three months ago started off at an even 140,000 cc's with more expanders.  I started goin in every week, getting 15,000 cc's a visit. I did that for a month before I pushed to do more each time. I started doing 30,000 each week, which was a little too much, but I forced myself to do it. As of now, I'm taking 30,000 a week alot easier than I was at the beginning, am planning on bumping up my intake to 50,000 a week, and will be getting a 6th boob job in three months. Currently I have 440,000 cc's. Estimated cup size of a Z with 57 Z's. Just over five feet each now, and getting close to dragging on the ground.  By the time I get my 6th job done, I'll have 1.44 million cc's. Estimated size of 7 feet each, and a cup size of Z with 95-100 Z's. My 6th implant, I might push to 2 million cc's, taking 100,000 a week. We'll see

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"A sucker is born every minute". Great fantasy. Now back from the land of fairies and elves, your 'Penthouse Forum' fiction, while the stuff of young boys dreams, has a few flaws: (1) No licensed (in the WHO approved hospital network) would approve, ba<x>sed on medical ethics and simple logistics breasts of the size you note (a hospital cannot find a manufacturer that has the machinery to make such implants; simply not enough medical grade silicon available in this world). (2) A woman of your size would not be able to stand, crawl even, with a weight equal to a standard sized refrigerator on each side of your chest.<br />
Great story! <br />
Would make a great **** movie. Who has the rights?

You look weird.

i under stand about seeing things as a pre-teen even in teen years and wanting it . i got oicked on alot cuz of my penis size as a teen you can read my storys to see what i mean but i didnt reach my current size just over 6 inchs till i was 19 so i know how it feels to not like your own body or to wish to be better

this is the most bullcrap story I have ever read. And wtf does it have to do with unhappy memories of school?