Horrors Of Freshman Year

So all this year while I was a freshman (and still am), all the upperclassmen always just decide to pick on me and beat me up. In my school, any 10,11,1or 12 grader can get away with anything they do to a freshmen, and nobody cares or does anything. For the first half of the year it was the worst, and anytime they saw a 9 grader  they would grab him and punch him or give hm a wedgie. one time at lunch time I was going to my locker when some juniors came behind me and yanked my undies 3/4 of the way up my back. I yelped in pain, and while I was being held a foot above the ground, the others punched me in the stomach and kneed mein the groin. While i was stunned and numb from the beating, they pantsed me and ******** me to nothing but my white briefs. then they carried me over to the utility closet and hung me from a hook. I stayed there for two periods until the end of the day when sports began. On thier way out of the building, the kids who got me dragged me into the hall while I was still naked, and out into the parking lot. more freshmen were also being wedgied and humiliated, including a group of girls. as me and some of my friends were given squeaky clean wedgies, I could see that some girls were getting tittie twisters by the older girls. Soon the upperclassmen let us dow n  because they were going home. I was so thankful to be let down that I didn't think staight and ran to the locker room to at least wear  something. But once i got there, more upperclassmen grabbed me and pulled me over to the toilet stalls. They  busted open the first door and i was relieved that the toilet was at least clean. I got a swirly in that, but they didn't stop until two stalls later when they cama upon a toilet that was horrifyingly disgusting. I pleaded desperately for mercy, but they laughed and stuck my terrified head in the nightmarish toilet bowl. and flushed. after what seemed like an eternity, i escaped the water, and could just barely keep from vomiting right there. As a final torment, they forced me face-down in a used urina and peed on me until I was i  danger of drowning in thier ****. After that, finally, the worst day of my life had ended, and I ran home in my gym clothes, and wished that I would never go back.

Fredo111 Fredo111
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

man i feel you. i got picked on and embarressed even then picked on .i started to bloom at 12 then all of sudden stopped so intill i was 16 i had like four little hairs down stairs and the girls that messed with me poked fun at my size to i had many nickname bald n small stubby shorty .i didnt get big down their till 18 and 19 years old .you can imagine the effect that might have on you .in school after the girls my own age kept picking on me cuz of my size i started going out with girl 3 to 4 years younger then me .when i was 16 i got caught having sex with a 7th grader i was in 10th grade then the art teacher caught us and dragged us to the principles office the girl lise was 12 years old she had on her panties and a shirt i couldn't get my clothesin time so wemnt naked people were all inthe hall many laughed and pointed the teacher said if you kept that little thing in tour pants you wouldnt have to worry about them . then she said lise why d you let him put that small thing in you .you did enjoy it did you. i later found out the teacher was her 2nd cousin