Every day that I attended school from kindergarten to senior year was hell. Not one ounce of exaggeration.

The first day of kindergarten set the standard for the rest of my school career- a little girl went around the room handing out candy and purposely left me out. lol

After that, every grade level was worse than the one before it. Teasing, tormenting, bullying, lonely lunches sitting outside under the flagpole, teachers ridiculing, etc. The day I graduated was the happiest day of my life. I drove to the school, picked up my diploma, and took off. Didn't even stay to wear the stupid cap and gown. lol

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I was both in school. Bullied victim, and a rescuer of fellow victims, who would then sometimes become my friends. Life as an adult has not worked as well, though. Adult life has been long on abuse and betrtayal for my introverted self, and short of people I can TRUST. WAY SHORT.<br />
<br />
Yep, here I am, 'ringing in the New year' feeling the latest crap......

I am sorry to hear about your past..... You can change it, like I did.<br />
I was that little round pudge of a kid. Kindagarden to 7th grade.<br />
I was laughed at, picked on, never picked in gym class, never had the "in style" clothing, or sneakers...etc... Girls didnt like me much. Then it all turned around once I started working out, boxed at a local gym, and started caring more about myself. I joined the marines, finished college and now i'm an architect. If you need to vent ot some support you can always email me or drop a comment. I knew people like you, and I always protected them. If a so-called bully tried to pick a fight, he got his @$$ whooped!!!! If someone tried to kick another kid out of a bus seat or cut in line...I corrected the issue.....<br />
I was the one that helped people, I never just stood around and quietly thanked GOD it wasnt me.

It made me an insecure introvert, and caused me to acquire my insatiable love of and thirst for learning. I can thank them for the latter, at least. lol