bullies tied me up naked infront of girls and whole school

well i went to carbondale area intill i was 15. i hated most of that time i got bad grades alot i got picked on cuz i wasnt as smart or as big as others. i was a loner mostly i did excel in sports i  wish my experience in school was good but wasnt thats probably why i desided not to finish it you can read my other storys to get a drift of my school mates .people shouldn't pick on kids cuz their slow learners or late bloomers or are just different then other people we our all human you never know that boy you picked on will be when he peaks sucessfull or a model  or some thing else. well i remeber at 13 i was in the boys locker room changing out of my trunks well accouple boys saw my penis was tiny i put a shirt and short on as we left the boys said for me to wait they wanted to introduse me to a girl we waited well a large group of girls came out the biys called them the girls looked over as they dii a boys pulled my shorts and underwear down 2 ither boys held me one pulled my shirt off me they tied my hands above my head to a pipe with wire ther i was standing there unable to cover myself the girls saw all of me now i was a late bloomer i had 1 hair at 12 yr old when my penis as i stood there was a inch i will say all the girls burst into laughter then the bell rang and the hall filled with peiple all the kids laughed even some teachers i saw did then the principle saw me she laughed but used her hand to cover my penis while another teacher untied me.

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wow......just ******* wow......this world....is such a cruel place. in so sorry that happened. I never would've laughed. NEVER. Please understand, if I could have been there, I would have helped you. I wish I was there. I'm so sorry that happened.
I actually was a late bloomer back in elementary school and middle school myself. I was bullied for it.
So I kinda feel for you.

the trauma we bring onto others when merely teasing or having fun at someone else expense...sorry this happened to you as when I was in high school people were afraid of me because I was to aggressive and to assertive...so drove people away from me and still does till they get to know my heart and the true me....if someone is judging you by your penis size, they not use have some issues of their own they need to work out

i find any form of bullying disgracefull, hope your well over that time and enjoying life to the full<br />
take care mate x

yeah im sure those bullies werent much different then me at that time.i did go threw puberty till i was a late teen

This is a great story

no i wish maybe they wouldnt have laughed so much