And Unlimited Data

......because I am one of those tools who have a Blackberry LOL.  Just kidding.  I'm not a tool.  I do have a Blackberry, though.  

I text a lot.  I also call people a lot.  There are just some people where it's easier to reach them and actually get a response if you text them, so it comes in handy ;)

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4 Responses Aug 3, 2009

txting is awesome TUM! I pretty much defeat part of the purpose of it though because the most txtspeak I use is really like "u" for you and "r" for are lol<br />
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Meg that's true. Talking definitely has it's own special thing going on for it =P<br />
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Lonely yeah, a lot of people think that nobody likes talking anymore

no one likes to talk anymore..unlimited texting comes in handy..i have it and i love it..only thing is i wish i had more people to text and or call

I agree. During the day when I am working it is easier to text than call someone personally. But of course talking is awesome in its own time and place :-)

Unlimiting txting is definitely nice