This stresses me out, depresses me, and generally, at this point, seems to be ruining my life.

I know lots of you are probably going to laugh at me and i'm ready for it. I really need to see someone about my problem, I know I do, so please don't tell me to go see a doctor (its on my to-do list).

I'm here trying to see if anyone else has this fear I have.

I have this REALLY BAD fear of lions.

I dream about them attacking me/stalking me, it's ******* scary as hell. I don't have a problem with CATS, just lions. I'm really nervous of admitting this but i can't even watch a pack of lions on the discovery channel.

And I know, how many times are you forced to be with a lion? I know it seems unrealistic, but I can't help it. It's all I ever think about, I'm always afraid of them.

does anyone else feel like me? i feel SO alone

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We all have fears and fears are healthy - if we did not fear we would be at great risk. If it starts taking over your life it becomes a big problem. There are therapist you can help you with these kind of fears. The chances you will come across a lion are incredibly small and that is what you have to keep telling yourself everytime it comes up in your mind. It's probably related to something else or something that has happened but I am not an expert. Sometimes people have bigger issues in their lifes and then focus on something unrealistic as an escape. But to you it is very real ! and no one should laugh! I quite agree. Wish you all the best.


No one here should laugh at your fear. I have fears too. It is not an easy thing to deal with.

Yeah, redheadsrule is right about that. While mine isn't animals, it's a fear that a murderer or rapist is gonna get me somehow. I mostly get scared when I'm lying in bed or in the shower. I know it's a stupid gear but I can't shake it.

Not of lions , snakes . I can't even look at one on tv.I think alot of people go through this in one way another.