I Know Its Guna Sound Stupid But I Have a Bad Problem Wit My Fears

i know my fears are unrealistic but i cant make them go away. i like to call it my overactive imagination. like one time i was out walkin on a pier, you know like over the ocean, and it was night and it was very beautiful but when we got further out i lookd down into the water and had this horrible feeling come over me and i just felt like the whole thing was guna callapse. i could see it happenin and i ran off. i was so scared, it was like all the people had vanished and i was all alone.

any water that i cant see the bottom of, or thats very dark almost gives me a panic attack. the dark, i know thats stupid but i can be in a room full of people and if it was dark, or outside at night if any dark areas i can see people turning into zombies and killin everyone.

its like i create these scary movies and horror movies in my head and i cant convince myself that they arnt real.


does anyone else do that?

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

i do... but i swam on a depth oceanic cliff .. looked down... it was dark.. it was real and it was heart pounding fear... whats down there... how fast can it swim.... nothing normal lives in the dark...whether that is from the learnings of a bible... watching jaws.. or just common sense.... who knows...<BR><BR><BR>in the dark.. its not for humans...

I think you are going to find this is very a popular experience. I certainly hope so anyway, or it's just us two! I often think the building I am in is going to collapse or I'm going to fall of the cliff that is several yards away. Also ob<x>jects under the water can really freak me out.I am forcing myself to do more of the things that do this to me though. I am improving.