I Have Unusual Pets

These are our pets right now:
- 4 Sugar Gliders
- 1 German Shepherd
- 2 Ferrets
- 4 Rats
- 5 Mice
- 1 Kinkajous
- 2 Jerboas
- 2 Chinchillas
- 1 Savannah Cat

We used to have other animals including a Yellow-Breasted Capuchin Monkey! But we had to take him to Brazil because of some law that changed in our state or something like that. We've also had rabbits, squirrels, and a bunch of other unusual animals. I love it! I'm homeschooled and I play with the animals all day.

ibelieveu ibelieveu
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Well everything is unusual. You love your pets and that's great. As long as you have your love for your pets, continue to write about them. I'm sure your friends won't mind. Who knows they might love it.