My Ups And Downs

We all have some dea of what kind of person we want t be and become. But many times, life gives us some good times and bad times. For me , I get really discouraged when I can't play something right and I am trying over and over again but it is not working... or when I do some mistake and next time I fail again because I didnt get the message from last time. But you know, like i said in my previous story - life = school. we all makes mistakes. I also sometimes feeldown when I feel lonely, like I have noone, or when I start to feel anxious or fat but i guess those are still my problems from past. But also, it really makes me smile when I play something really nice, or when I have time for myself to read a book. It also makes me smile to see a friend after a long time and still having that feeling we are best friends even thoguh we havent seen each other for a month maybe. I really like when someone says well done to me, I love when people encourage me. I love having someone who believes in me :) Most of time, my big "down" is my mood - when i get sad or angry or frustrated because some stupid problem I want to just say: go to hell, I don't want to play piano anymore or I want to die or something like this.. but those moments pass and I am better again and full of positivity again :) Let me give you one advice - if you are feeling sad or angry - go sleep... After sleep - everything is better
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LOOK ON YOUTUBE and watch jerryleelewis play the piano, he has the longest fingers and can really play.. You will love his songs abd how he plays...

HI-- get yourself the platters song book, i have a copy and the songs are soo nice to play and hear... I got back from my check up im still too heavy but everything else is ok so far, have to cut down on eating and start taking more enemas or laxatives to help control my weight,,..

Bad things happen and tough times occur, but it's just part of the journey. Realize that these moments in time are just bumps in the road, even though some of those moments may seem like forever at that moment; it's a big *** road and sometimes we come across some big as bumps. As far as the disappointing and frustrating moments that we tend to go through, we can soften those bumps in the road by having more hopes than we have expectations.
I read this quote in a book I was reading that is so true, it said "Life is what happens while we're making other plans.

I have had the same kind of experiences in my life.....I must agree, sometimes what is best medicine is a little rest.....sleep does wonders for a frustrated soul.

Neat Ms PianoGirl :) well you are going to be just fine. Why? Because you have a inner desire to live and to know your purpose. So go and be your best, at what you love and do that each day. Also start thinking more about songwriting :)

It is very interesting to read your texts. You write about Ups and Downs. Well, I'd like to tell you and all the others, too of course something that makes me feel happy. These small happenings in my life are real Ups for me.
It happens and has happened that people, I don't even know them, come to me when I am sitting and waiting f.ex. for a train, airplane or just drinking a cup of coffee in some restaurant. Normally they have or have had some kind of problem. It has been divorce, problem with booze or some other things. They need to talk to somebody who can listen to them. There is no need to say one single word, just listen to them.
When they have been unburden their mind they leave me and I can see that they look now much happier than when they came to me.
To be able to help people only by listening them gives me much. Actually more than I can describe. (Please, excuse me my rusty English.)

Most of the scientists had failed in the experiments. They had spirits keep try the experiment. We can learn about life from Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Alfred Nobel, Marie Curie etc. They all had failed many times in their experiments. The result show they became very famous inventors.

You're not alone.
I have had lots of "down" moments in my life. I guess I still do. One of the things about being human is that we feel bad sometimes. I guess there's not really anything we can do about it. Having had so many moments like that, I learned at a very young age how to detach myself from the world. It was like looking out through a little window and nothing (good or bad) could touch me.
Nowadays, I have learned how to cry, how to be angry, how to want somebody, how to love. I used to wonder if I was strange or if I would ever be like other people. Nowadays, I give thanks even for the most horrible feelings because I can feel them. They are signs that I am human. They are signs that I am alive!

Great expression of your feelings, we all go through our good and bad times some better and some worse than others.
Life is full of challenges both physically and emotionally, the key to survival is to continue to stay positive no matter how bad things may seem.
I was diagnosed with cancer in 1995 and went for radiation therapy over the winter of 95-96, we had weekly group counselling sessions where we would all let out our feelings. At one session when it was my turn to speak I stood up and said "when this is over I will be cured....and if anyone gets in my way I will run them down because I refuse to let this disease win"!
The nurse that was running the session pulled me aside afterwards and asked if I noticed the reaction of the others after I spoke, I told her that I had not. She went on to say that she saw everyone's eyes light up and they all took on a more positive outlook to their treatment and chance of survival.
I have been checked many times since and have been deemed cancer free (since 2001) WOO HOO!!!!
I suggest that whenever you are feeling down find that song that never fails to raise your spirits, and BANG IT OUT forgiving any missed notes, play it in your heart to hear the real meaning!!!!
Just remember when times get tough to stay positive and keep your head up smile, and laugh away the hardship.

Sweetheart, you are learning one of the hardest lessons in life, you have to fail, before you can succeed, if everything came perfect the first time, there would little reason to try to keep improving, I love your attitude and person so much, and would love to hear one of your piano pieces, have you ever made a CD, or DVD of one of your masterpieces?, I know, that through your love of music, that I would be able to see and understand more of you, I am in the middle of reading some more of your stories, and am impressed more and more, with the role your heart plays, as you share your thoughts, Honey, the best is yet to come for you, loving, and caring,

Well done

You are wonderful. I believe in you. Your smile is a real treasure.

the best is never enough so allways shot for the stairs and just hope the best comes out of it !