My First Stricture Exerince

When I was two years old, I had a blood poisoning experience. The poisoning came from a small dose of wintergreen oil.

I was given a catheter to flush out the poison. At best there was a hypothesis that I hallucinated and yanked on the catheter. This placed a lot of stress on ****** and the urinary tact.

The effect of the stress was not revealed until I was 12.

I was wrestling with my brother and had a pain in my right side. After a doctor visit, I was sent to a childrens hospital. There I was dilated. I

I was dilated twice when I was 12. The whole hospital, doctor visits and having to tell other that my ****** has something was not functioning like other boys set aside. I would not talk about it. I would be made fun of because I was a slow at peeing, in college.

During my college years, I came down with pneumonia cause by fluid in my lungs not being voided out through the urinary tract.

Post college, I have had two reconstruction surgery. Each filled with promises of never having a new dilation.

Yesterday, I learned I have another stricture needing to be dilated.
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I understand your pathetic situation you are facing with. I was also have this problem since I last 12 years, technically speaking... I gone through all the solution which my doc said me to do so...but what happen next.... recurrence??
I found the solution for this after searching each and every thing on this. Now I am living happy life without any problem.

I need to help every person on this earth facing the same problem...with permanent cure... can contact me on chandanbenduATgmailDOTcom.

I think you have tried every thing, I suggest you to do this before going under knife and scissors...

hi i am lassad i have uretra stricture since i am 17 years but i still feeling actif ....just i wan to ask if there are some girl here that have the some problem like me .by

Hi<br />
I have been doing the self dilations with a stiffer catheter for the last couple of years. I agree it is easier then going to the doctor to get dilated, but I would like to find a permant cure. I have had one surgery that was supose to cure this when I was 15. They did an island flap urethroplasty, where they took skin from my penis, and grafted it to the urethra. It was like having a second circumcision. It didn't last long, and I was back to the doctor getting dilated. After seeing acouple of other doctors I went back to the original doc, and was told to do self dilatation. He told me there is nothing else that be done. What kind of reconstructive surgeries have you had? Recently I have some trouble with wetting the bed at night. What does your doctor want to do next? It is nice to know that I'm not the only one that has this problem. Thanks

I am doing self cathing now.

I've had urethral stricture since my mid 20's and now I'm in my mid-40's. I never knew lung fluid back up could result and am thankful I never had that problem. However, I've dealt with peeing freely one month and shutting down the next monrh for nearly 20 years. After more frequent dilations in this last year, my urologist recommended I learn how to dilate myself with a catheter. I was totally freaked out about the idea of doing this to myself and was completely surprised that it's only mildly uncomfortable and easy. It's a 100 times easier and less painful than to suddenly stop urinating one day and having to rush to the doctor to get dilated. Ask your doctor about this. I'm catheterizing myself an average of once per week. He wanted me to do it every day for a month, then every other for a month, but doing it that frequently was ruining sexual pleasure. I've found once a week is working out fine. Provided I can continue to pass the catheter, I don't see myself ever needing to get dilated again. Be sure to get the stiffer kind of catheter instead of the soft ones they use in hospitals because it won't pass through the stricture. I wish I had done this years ago. Ask your doctor about this. My doctor was seriously talking to me about getting reconstructive surgery! This is about as close to a cure as I'll get without going through surgery again. I hope this is helpful and do yourself a favor, ask your doctor about this. - Scott

I am using a catheter for times a day, now.

why is it so painful for my son when he gets a catheter when it sounds like both of you do not have pain?

I would like to ask the same, my son says it is painful with it in and while putting it in.

It is more discomfort than pain.

Since my bladder is elasticated I have to adjust. I can go 2 hours or 6 hours without having the urge to pee. When I get the urge I know should cath. If i just straight and go pee, I will leak a little bit. Leaking can cause some discomfort.

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