I Would Be Glad...

When I hear someone complaining about a mosquito bite or apllying an over kill amount of insect spray, I just laugh to myself.
Not because I find it funny. Rather because I would love to have such a trivial itch. I wonder what it would be like to just itch in one little spot. For only a finite period of time. Oh well. I'll never know.
My story begins shortly after i was born. At around six weeks of age I began to  develop dark splotches on my skin. My mother took me to all sorts of doctor. I was poked and prodded. Tested and retested. I was diagnosed with Urticaria Pigmentosa. But no one seemed to know what to do for me.  My mom was told to keep me as calm as possible and to avoid exposure to harsh soaps and tempatures. 
As a young child I had dark splotches pretty much on every part of my body.  These were the areas that would become irritated with unpredictable stimulation. When I approached puberty, the frequency and location of the hives grew more severe.  An episode would begin with a few small spots and then they would merge together to cover large areas. I wasnt unusual for me to be completely covered on my torso, legs, arms and even scalp.  The most painful areas that I have had hives were on the soles of my feet, my palms, and within my lips. 
I continue to have hives pretty much daily, with the exception of during Winter. I do get them during the Winter, but not as often.  I have just learned to deal with this condition, although I do feel like my life revolves around it. My skin is covered with scars. Even when i make a conscious effort not to scratch, I wake up in the morning with new abbrasions caused during the night. Noone else in my family has this condition so I often feel like a freak of nature. The condition of my skin makes me look like someone who has no self control.  My biggest fear is that if I do ever have children, they too will have this condition.  I wouldnt wish this on anyone.
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I understand how you feel! It is hard and it sucks. <br />
<br />
As for having children it is an orphan's disease so your chances of having a child with it are very slim. I do think it runs in families---that is my unscientific feeling. I believe my Grandmother had it and she said something about an Aunt of hers having the same spots she had. She was never diagnosed but now that I have it I know the tell tale signs of the disease. If it is a great concern go for genetic counseling. I have a child and (thank God) he does not have it (yet). I found out I had this disease after I had him.