My 2 Boys Have Urticaria

Hello - We just learned that our 2 boys, age 3 & 5, have Urticaria.  I noticed symptoms when they were each about one year old and asked my doctors about it.  Have to admit I am a bit upset that both our dermatologist and pediatricians missed the diagnoses until now, but of course very happy that we finally know what it is.  (I know it is a rare disease, but the classic signs were all there and I brought it up several times.  Figuring out clues to the puzzle is what doctors are trained and paid to do.)   I am extremely grateful my persistence in continuing to ask about the growing number of the spots and hives paid off before a bee sting or other trigger caused a serious allergic reaction.

I appreciate this support group and reading all of your advice.  For example, I didn't know that contact sports could case an adverse reaction.  Thank you!  I have too budding hockey players.

Now, next steps.  After being reassured that the boys will grow out of it and given Epi Pens just in case, I am looking for a specialist.  Is an allergist the way to go?  Or dermatologist?  Any one know of a specialist in the Midwest?  (Chicago, Cincinnati, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan)  I am willing to travel to find a good one.

Anyone know if this is genetic or what the root cause is?  Any other advice? 

I look forward to hearing from you.
Take Care, Michelle

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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I'm sorry to possibly be the bearer of bad news, but it isn't always something they will grow out of. I was diagnosed with UP when I was 2 months old, I am now 22 and still have it. The doctor's told me that I would grow out of it by the time I was 16 or when I hit puberty. They have, however, faded quite a bit over time. <br />
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I have never noticed an allergic reaction with them however. When it gets really hot out or my skin gets really dry then they will itch but they typically don't. The dermatologist I saw a few years ago about it said that he wasn't familiar with it but that I was a "freak" even for the disease and that since I got them so young they should have disappeared. <br />
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I sincerely hope it clears up on your sons, but in the mean time I know it's hard to grow up with them. Teach them to love them, it will make facing other children and adults comments easier.