We Are More With Up Than I Thought

Hi all!
First of all please excuse my english! ;) Im 32 years old and from Denmark! I too have UP and have had it for approx. 15 years. It startet when I entered the military. The first doctor i saw thought it was something else and gave me some creme. A few years later i was diagnosed with a skin ortopsy. Ive tried the UVA threatment for some time in the early stages, but later on i moved away from the skin-clinic - and it never seemed to help anyway. The condition gets worse and worse, today I have spots all over, except my face. It affacts my mood very much, but im trying to let it go. Im happily married and haveĀ  to fantastic kids, so I try focusing in that instead. Ive read somewhere that people with UP have a tiny genetic-disorder, and hope research some day will help us all get rid of this condition. I've tried several stuff, but found nothinng that has helped, som days when i wake - I think - its not so visual today, maybe its going the right way. But in the bigger picture its only going the wrong way until now.

Thanks for being able to share. Looking forward to more post here.
Lets stick together and share stories, that will make us stronger

Madsen79 Madsen79
Feb 6, 2012